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Smokeless fuel prices

smokeless fuel prices If you’d like to discuss any of our fuels please get in touch on 0800 195 7784 or email [email protected] It is more economical and efficient form of heating. Low ash,high heat output easy to lite. D. Coal Merchants providing unbeatable prices on a range of smokeless fuel & premium house coal. [email protected] If you come to Logs Direct you’ll find a wide range of smokeless coal to choose from. I like both. Our best selling smokeless fuel, excellent value for money, lowest prices, delivery to Somerset,Devon,Dorset,Wiltshire, Call for details: 01278 691199 Carrotts Farm Shop 07932713378 [email protected] co. It gives good performance, burning longer than house coal with a gradual and consistent release of heat. Red Max R/C Model Fuels. Homefire smokeless coal is better for the environment too as it emits 5 times less smoke and 25% less Carbon Dioxide than house coal. From £ 224. CPL Distribution's network of depots combine the backing of a national company with the friendly, hands-on service that only a local depot can provide. We sell smokeless fuels, logs, kindling, firelighters and coal all at unbeatable online prices from our base in Cheshire. 358. Smokeless ovoids, sometimes referred to as smokeless ovals, are a smokeless anthracite based solid fuel for use on open fires and in multi-fuel stoves and selected other cookers. 00. 1/4 Pallet = 1/4 Tonne. Stovemaster 25kg (from) £354. Brazier Smokeless Fuel is a clean burning, compact smokeless fuel specially designed for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves. Britain’s best selling premium smokeless fuel. Whether you have an open fire or a multi-fuel stove, you can find our coal products ideal. 00) 5x Kindling (+£21. Calor 4. Brazier produces an excellent sustained heat output, burning up to 24% hotter than ordinary house coal. It gives good performance, burning longer than house coal with a gradual and consistent release of heat. 56 - Our Price £52. 2 bags of smokeless fuel taken out of old coal bunker don,t know the weight and 2 bags of fire wood no longer needed. It's popularity speaks for itself. Contact the local authority to check whether you're in a smoke-free zone, or simply call us at V Catlow and Son to order delivery of your smokeless fuel in Darlington. £26. 89 None 1x Kindling (+£4. Logs and Coal/Smokeless Fuel for Sale. CALL: 01769 576201 Request A Quote From smokeless coal to kindling, order online with Cheshire Town & Country Fuels for premium fuels at low prices. 1/4 Tonne (10 X 25 Kg Bags Price from £77. Like its bigger brother Homefire, the Ovals emit 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2 than house coal. Bennett Fuel Services is a family-run business based in Worcester. Homefire has been the nation's number one choice of smokeless fuel for over 50 years, having earned its reputation as the best performing smokeless coal we make. 99. smokeless fuel Price: 34. Brazier Smokeless Fuel 20KG Multi-Fuel Stove Open Fire Burner High Heat Coal 4. It is economically priced. Surefire is a suitable fuel for Roomheaters, Boilers and Multi Fuel stoves. 1/4 Pallet = 1/4 Tonne 1/2 Pallet = 1/2 Tonne 1 Pallet = 1 Tonne Smokeless Fuels For multi-fuel stoves and open fires. from $704. We supply a large range of smokeless fuels, available in prepacked 25Kg sacks or delivered in 50Kg open sacks for refilling coal bunkers. 00. 50) 10x Kindling (+£40. £2600. Smokeless Fuel. View Details. None 1 Pack (+£3. Paraffin Lamp Oil - Clear Smokeless, Odorless, Clean Burning Fuel For Indoor And. Staffords Household Smokeless Coal 40kg €19. Blended Smokeless Fuel. Description. But like any fuel, smokeless needs to be used properly in order to get the best from it. Homeflame is our premium manufactured fuel, ideal for use on multifuel stoves, open fires, and other closed appliances. If you prefer to collect in person, our yard is open for Cash & Carry on: Monday – Friday: 8am – 4. Coal. For winter I want to buy a bunker and smokeless fuel. Alternative cheaper premium smokeless fuel for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. All quoted prices include delivery. Home » Homefire Smokeless Coal. 99 per Full Pallet HouseFuel Burnrite is a premium smokeless fuel, perfect for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. With a minimum purchase of £4. Fire Logs/ Wood. 1 x 10kg cpl multi-purpose smokeless fuel coal. Ideal for shop and garage forecourts. Smokeless fuel can be used in a Smoke Control Zone. Suitable for smokeless zones. All our fuels are kept under cover and dry so you know that you will receive a full weight bag of just fuel. Fermanagh it is ideal for use on open fires and in multi-fuel stoves throughout the Island of Ireland Manufactured smokeless fuel in a Nugget shape that burns completely to a fine ash. serves the entire tri-state area. The resulting heat is cleaner and more efficient than regular chulhas. Maxibrite Homeflame is a low ash smokeless fuel, designed for high heat output, with a long burn duration. Empty star. 50. Total £0. 00 - Pallet - 49 Bags About. . R Wilkinson Coal Merchants sell high-quality smokeless fuels and coal to power stoves for long periods of time. As you can see, smokeless coal has a number of benefits. Fewer than 5 Grams of Smoke Per Hour. Price 20KG - £ Price 50KG - £ The smokeless chulha works by drawing fresh air into the chula through an electric fan to burn fuel. DEFRA and HETAS approved for use in smoke control restricted areas. We provide a number of smokeless fuel and coal options. Quality Coal & Accessories, Collection & Delivery, Cash & Carry, Coal Heating OilOpen Fire Coal, Smokeless Coal Sticks & Firewood, Bottled Gas, Very Competitive Prices 5. Multi Dragon Smokeless Fuel. While enjoying a smokeless ambiance, you may crave to feel the essence of a traditional fire pit. As Northamptonshire’s coal, solid and smokeless fuel supplier, Hamsons Coal has been established since 1929 and is striving to make the purchasing of coal, solid and smokeless fuels as simple and hassle free as possible. Colt Top 2 Stainless Steel Chimney Cowl and Bird Guard. Ecoal50 is a revolutionary smokeless fuel which is produced from 50% renewable materials. They can be Naturally-Occurring and Man-Made. Multi Dragon Anthracite Based Smokeless Fuel Ideal for multi-fuel stoves & open fires. I also find the heat from smokeless that bit more intense. Call us for more information. 00 Here at Able Fuels we offer a massive range of Coal & Smokeless Fuels for cash and carry in easy to handle plastic pre packed bags. Quantity. Glolite is a great value for money, manufactured smokeless ovoid. Smokeless Fuel Smokeless Coal Range With many years of experience in the coal trade, Greenhaffs Coal supplies quality welsh and UK coal to customers throughout the south wales Prices From: £355 - 1 Tonne - 100 Sealed Bags Burnbrite Smokeless Coal 50 X 10KG Bags A PREMIUM product designed for open fires, room heaters and multifuel stoves. If you need any help choosing the right fuel to burn, you can check out our blog , or give us a call on 01484 653 768. 50. Staffords Phurnacite 40kg €23. DFC provides Solid Fuels, Bottled Gas and a range of seasonal products direct from our cash and carry store or Online. Enter delivery postcode to show prices 20kg Premium Bituminous Coal Gas Checks; Handgun Molds. Stainland Road, Halifax. from $704. Homefire Ovals are a high quality smokeless fuel. Multi-Fuel Burner Bundle. 99 $ 19 . Order a coal delivery online The south west's coal & solid fuel specialist. More info £580. Call us today on 07768 184 042. £42. If you need fuels delivered to your door without the hassle of picking it up yourself, think Cheshire Fuels. Quantity: Fuel Type Solid Fuel Coal Oil Fuel Gas Fuel. By combining our smokeless 20kg bags with options like hardwood, softwood or olive wood logs you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 00. 30. 42 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail us or give us a call There are many smokeless fuels on the market varying greatly in quality and price. SKU: N/A Category: Smokeless Fuel. uk [email protected] Coal & Smokless fuel Merchant. At Maylands Solid Fuels (formerly Mundon Fuels) we sell two grades of coal and a wide range of smokeless fuels for Agas, open fires, multi stoves and boilers etc. Our smokeless fuel range includes: Taybrite; Anthracite (large or small) Beans and Grains; Phurnicite; Homefire Ovals; Other Smokeless fuels are available upon request. 90. The question now is, which smokeless fuel is best to use for a multi fuel stove? Anthracite – Clean burning & efficient. Wood-burning open fires and stoves produce a range of toxic gases and particulate matter (PM) that can increase a person’s risk of developing heart and lung diseases. Whether you’re relaxing in your garden or camping with friends a fire pit is the perfect feature for a social setting. I have an open fire and I’m in a smokeless zone. Write a review. 50p) Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. Eddies Smokeless Fuels have been Dublin’s leading suppliers of heating Fuel for over 40 years. Our smokeless coal prices start at just £6. More info From £5. Smokeless coal is an excellent option for those of you who need fuel for open fires, room heaters or multi-fuel stoves, but don’t want the nasty byproduct – smoke -that comes with burning regular house coal. An ever popular smokeless fuel suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves that can be burnt in smoke control areas. 99. Fires smoke because of 3 reasons: lack of heat, oxygen or the wrong fuel. Suitable for Smokeless zones Suitable…. More info From £6. 00. 00 - £330. 00. Available in 10Kg and 20Kg bags SINGLE BAG? Collect for our yard £12. 50 a bag for both Wonderco or Burnglo Anthracite and you’ll find great savings on our other smokeless coal products such as Phurnacite, Large Aga Nuts and Glovoids. uk or if you’d prefer, you can call us on 0800 195 7784. When you choose our products, you can rest assured that you are getting quality services at great prices. 00. 00. 00. Kerbside delivery only, pallets are set off at your driveway. I do take care to list the items as accurately as possible Surefire is a smokeless ovoid. Brazier Smokeless Fuel is a clean burning, compact smokeless fuel specially designed for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves. Fuel type doesn’t make much difference in the performance of a fire pit if it is highly efficient. FUELS FOR SALE IN CHESHIRE. 2XBrazier Smokeless Coal 20Kg . 50. Britain's brightest smokeless fuel briquettes Economy smokeless 100 gram ovoid with a high petroleum coke content - easy to light with a good heat output - suitable for room heaters, closed appliances, cookers and multi fuel stoves. Ideal for open fire especially in smoke controlled areas; Easy to light; Burns with a long radiant flame; Low in ash; Popular smokeless fuels are supertherm and stoveheat. £0 - £25 (14) Brazier Smokeless Coal - 10kg Bag (425) £5. 00. Accept cookies and close Based in Norwich, P T Blanch offers you a huge range of smokeless fuels at competitive prices. Smokeless fuel is friendlier to the environment and releases less greenhouse gases to the air. Price. £65. Bestseller More Info. Supertherm is ideal for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Fires smoke because of 3 reasons: lack of heat, oxygen or the wrong fuel. 5 Small House Coal + 1 Kindling Stick + 1 Firelighters. Dodd & Son Fuels to provide accurate and professional advice when it comes to solid fuel heating. 00. 50. - Paraffin Lamp Oil - Clear Smokeless, Odorless, Clean Burning Fuel For Indoor And. Smokeless Fuels in Darlington. Add to cart. Stoveheat Premium smokeless fuel is an extremely reliable and long lasting fuel which has a low ash content and produces up to 80% less smoke and 25% less C02 than house coal. X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Package. Our environmentally friendly solid fuel is a revolutionary smokeless fuel. The market's leading brands of smokeless fuels packed in various sizes to suit your individual requirements. 2. 50 Excel Smokeless generates a lot of heat and leaves behind very little ash. Stock Info smokeless fuel. Smokeless ovals are a large sized ovoid briquette that are Hetas and Defra approved so are authorised for the use in smoke controlled areas. Heat Output: Fire Life: Ash Content: Medium : 10 Bags from £152. Speedy fuel delivery on orders above 100kg. Shop for Brazier Smokeless Fuel 10kg at wilko - where we offer a range of home and leisure goods at great prices. At Bennett Fuel Services, we supply smokeless coal that can be suitable for any burning appliance. Coal & Smokeless fuel deliveries Some of the lowest prices on solid fuels www. It combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire, is slow burning and easy to control. Suitable for burning in all smoke controlled zones. So, what does smokeless mean exactly? Simply, it means less smoke. 00 - £266. Stocking a wide range of fuel and coal types. Quick view. 00. Buy It Now. They have a long burn time with a high heat output and burn with a lively flame. We were established in the 1960's and have been supplying coal, smokeless fuel, wood fuels, logs and Calor Gas bottles to Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgewater, Nailsea, Yatton and the greater Somerset region, ever since. Empty star. Kerbside delivery only, pallets are set off at your driveway. Close. Whether you need small, regular deliveries or a bulk order, we'll be happy to help, and you'll find our prices hard to So, we know now that smokeless fuel is a far better option for your multi fuel stove than so called ‘normal’ house coal. 1Tonne 40x25 kgs. Free Delivery from Halstead, Essex to Local Area. co. Newburn™ is a fully authorised, HETAS approved economy priced, solid fuel briquette. Smokeless fuel consist of mixture of fuels: Petroleum Coke, Lignite, Ovoids and Anthracite. One of the most popular Irish smokeless fuels for stoves and closed appliances Ecobrite is a compact, slow burning, smokeless fuel for cookers, stoves and room heaters. uk. We have used the CO 2 eq factor of coal, as the components of smokeless fuels are coal-based and there is currently no specific GHG conversion factor for this. Price as low as: £13. Approved Smokeless Briquettes. Our fuel types include premium house coals, multi fuel ovoids, premium house coal trebles and supertherm smokeless fuels. CPL Smokeless Coal No. Use smokeless fuels in Darlington if you live in a smoke control zone to avoid a fine of up to £1,000. Our Traditional House Coal and Smokeless Coal range is perfect for storing away ready for the Winter! All of our Rock Salt is 100% This is the law so no Exceptions. 99 ($2. However, the disadvantage of coal is the need to find room to store it and then move it piecemeal to the fire or boiler. Ideal on Open Fires, Multi Fuel Burners and Solid Fuel Cookers. 00) + Add Twizlers to my order. 00. N GB Fuel are Birmingham’s number one supplier of coal smoke and smokeless. Typically smokeless fuels are formed into small hard briquettes varying in shape with I have just had an Aarrow 4 Multi installed. 86. Smokeless Products Price List. Regular price. A great addition to any fuel re-sellers stock list. ‘Excel is an excellent fuel for open fires and it is ideal for use in multi-fuel stoves which have a slow chimney; or for the customer who doesn’t want to keep their fire in 24 hours a day, as the properties of Excel make it easy to light and the lovely flame pattern creates a beautiful fire. Winter Warmers From £135 Coal Master is a leading supplier of house, smokeless coal and winter fuels in the UK So, what does smokeless mean exactly? Simply, it means less smoke. Regular price. It is comprised of the best cokes from the Americas along with top quality Anthracite from here in the UK. Save £'s - the more you order the lower the price per bag. Priced per 20kg pre packed bag. One of the most commonly burnt types of smokeless fuels used in UK homes today is anthracite I have used many smokeless fuels and Realflame is one of the best mid price range fuels for an open fire. All of our products come in convenient prepacked 25 kg bags. 50. You can get in touch by emailing [email protected] £0. This means you can use less fuel, which will help you save money without compromising efficiency. Welcome to Bryn Coal. Burns with an attractive flame and gives a good heat (personally I don't like fuels that burn any hotter than this on an open fire as they damage the fire grate). 00 - £360. 427 to . 5 Household Coal + 3 Slack. uk Solid fuels for open fires and smokeless fuels for stoves and closed appliances, including real Ecobrite, Cosyglo Our site uses cookies. 0. UK's leading coal and wood fuel supplier with a comprehensive range of smokeless coals & briquettes and quality kiln dried wood, with the option for smaller orders and delivery to a location of your choice on your property. 00) 5 Packs (+£15. Ask friends and family, neighbours etc. Unit price. It is intended as a guide only and we highly recommend seeking professional assistance with your selection from your local approved coal merchant, or consult your appliance guide / appliance manufacturer. Fire pits and fire baskets provide a great way to stay warm on those cooler evenings. 01254 886367 One of the more well-known names in smokeless fuel, Taybrite is an efficient multi-use fuel that offers excellent performance and value for money. Showing 14 of 14 results Sort by: Most popular What's new Price low to high Price high to low Name A to Z Name Z to A Blaze Smokeless Coal. Taybrite. Homefire Ecoal Smokeless Soild fuel briquettes, 10kg. This is why it is environmentally friendly, potent and cost-effective. 5 is a smokeless fuel which is designed for use on open fires, multi-fuels stoves, and room heaters. It is ideal for open fires, multi-fuel stoves and most closed appliances. Newburn Smokeless Fuel. Easyglow is an Innovative Eco-Friendly CO2 aware solid fuel. Further we developed Firebrite a stepping stone to help out traditional coal burners to move over to cleaner fuels. 60. A Tesco Customer 30th November 2020. Brand New. Please look at the specifications which show the quality of these products. Smokeless Fuels Generate: 80% Less Smoke than Traditional Coal. HX4 8ED. For more information, see our cookie policy. Cost-effective and clean-burning, with the impressive heat and attractive flame that really makes winter the best time of year. if you are outside of our delivery postcodes delivery will be sent on a pallet using nep pallet network This graph shows the average price of Heating Oil for the period selected from the drop down list. g. Supertherm is a premium quality smokeless coal that is great value for money. It is fully authorised for use in smokeless zones. Smokeless fuel – from around £285 to £580 (£440 on average) for 40 25kg bags. This great value smokeless coal has a long fire life, a low ash content, and an excellent heat output. Prices exclude VAT at 5%. Suitable for use in smoke free zones. Homefire e-Coal. Unbeatable Price, Great Fuel! Superheat Smokeless is a compact smokeless fuel, manufactured from anthracite to produce a clean burning, economical fire. 99 Hyoola, 1 Gallon Smokeless, Odorless Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil - Clear Home / Local Shop / Smokeless Fuels FREE LOCAL DELIVERY OVER £40* We offer free delivery on all orders over £40. It creates 80% less smoke and is made in the UK. Bryn Coal are one of the country's leading Solid Fuel Merchants, we supply and deliver various brands and grades of house coal and smokeless fuel as well as a selection of Kiln Dried Logs, Firewood, Fire Logs and Seasoned Logs for use on log burners, wood burner, wood burning stoves, chimineas etc. 7 Days 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years Burnrite Smokeless is the newest premium smokeless fuel on the market. Also, these prices are excluding delivery, which may change the price depending on where in the country you live. We supply the finest quality smokeless coal alternative products at the lowest internet prices! All our smokeless fuels are Smoke Control Area Approved. Full star. our Smokeless Coal is fully authorised. Order your solid fuel before 2pm for next day delivery. Empty star. HETAS approved and authorised for use in smokeless zones, Homefire Ecoal50 is recommended for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Staffords Country Blend 40kg €21. Supertherm not only produces a higher heat and last longer than house coal, it also products up to 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2. ) 99% of the time its next day delivery, please add a note to your order of where your fuel is to be placed and if you would like a specific delivery day. our drivers will place your fuel where needed, (in shed, back garden etc. 12 product ratings. co. 356 to . Smokeless coal (fuel) Smokeless coal authorized for use in smoke control areas produces less carbon and smoke compared to house-coal when burned, anthracite is a naturally occurring, mined high-purity form of coal and is approved for use in smoke control areas because of low emissions of particulate matter. Coal 50kg bag 1/4 tonne per bag Smokeless Fuel 50kg bag 1/4 tonne per bag 1/2 tonne We offer house coal, fire briquettes and a variety of smokeless fuels delivered direct, just ask one of the team for the full range we can supply. Smokeless Heat, LLC 2020 Cornwall Rd. I’m currently burning super flame smokeless coal from my local coal merchant. Empty star. 99 per Full Pallet An excellent smokeless fuel ideal for Multi-Fuel Stoves, Cookers & Selected Boilers. Add to cart Homefire has been the market leader for over 40 years and is widely acknowledged as the best smokeless fuel available for open A range of new modern smokeless fuels for the discerning customer. We provide the best stove coal for sale in Dublin. Top quality British Fuels at competitive prices. Stoveheat is a high quality alternative to anthracite which is ideal for use on glass fronted stoves, room heaters, cookers and boiler. Sold in 25kg bags. Burnrite has an extremely low ash content and will provide a very high heat output. Supplying solid fuel nationwide with fast delivery. Packed into 10kg bags and authorised for use in smoke-controlled areas, the medium-sized coal pillows will burn for 4-6 hours in a standard open fire test. All of our fuels are sourced from well-know and trustworthy manufacturers, and all of our smokeless fuels can be found listed on the ‘Authorised Fuels’ list on the DEFRA website. Supertherm coal is the ideal fuel for for use on open fires and glass fronted stoves. 50 - £320. £42. Sale price. 00. Kent Coal. Warma flame premium hetas approved smokeless fuel is perfect for open fires and multi fuel stoves. Taybrite Smokeless Coal 25kg From: £ 15. We provide a prompt, reliable and friendly coal and solid fuel delivery service throughout the Scarborough and East Coast area. 40 per KG. We stock a vast range of Smokeless Ovoids from high quality to competitively priced Ovoids for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. Blaze is a medium sized, pillow shaped smokeless fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Write a review. 00. 50. Available in two sizes: EXL (190 mm diameter) and EXXL (330 mm diameter). The key to a smokeless system is creating more airflow and burning a hotter fire. Approved coal merchants with over 40 years experience. Calor 7kg Butane Bottled Gas. Buy Smokeless Fuel and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items UK produced smokeless fuel, Economy product with premium performance, Excellent Heat Output, Low CO2 emmissions, 80% less smoke than traditional house coal, HETAS approved. 00. We recommend Multi because: It has a very high heat output. Lasting up to 40% longer than similar fuels, it is known for consistent heat output. Smokeless Fuels, like Anthracite, can: Natural smokeless fuel for use on open fires and closed appliances. Homefire smokeless coal burns with an attractive flame, has excellent heat output - giving out over 30% more heat than house coal, and easily lasts through the night to give you a warm and cosy room the next morning. Darch Coal was established in Yeovil, Somerset in the 1950s. FOLLOW THESE STEPS: 1) Choose your preferred fuel . Our customers include; General Public (House Coal), Garages/Shops/Traders, Steam Engine Rally’s, Blacksmith Forge Coal, Farms/Commercial use Prices From: £142. That's 80% less smoke and up to 25% less carbon dioxide than conventional solid fuels. They can be Burned in Smoke Control Areas. Looking for best smokeless coal prices? We manufacture and supply the highest qualifty range of smokeless fuels suitable for UK smokeless zones. 00. Supertherm is HETAS approved, offers a high heat output and is easy to light. Solid fuel supplied by the pallet We have a selection of the finest fuels available for stoves, open fires and cookers. Lights and relights faster than any other smokeless fuel I have used. Ideal for open fires/closed appliances. More Info. High Heat, Low Ash, Easy to Light, Long Lasting. Our fantastic range of high quality and affordable fuels are available for purchase and delivery all year long. Cutting-Edge Oils & Fuels (800) 742-8484. Supertherm is a high quality coal that is value for money. Generally, it’s cheaper and longer lasting than wood. 6 bags of 40kg Supertherme € 125. Regular price. 50 - £320. £20. 01260 298 098 In our Smokeless Fuel section you’ll find a great range of fuels for a number of uses. Anyway, it was a nightmare to get them to burn, and when they did burn, they burnt very slowly with almost no heat. 1. Brazier Multipurpose In response to the 1956 Clean Air Act, smokeless fuels became much more prominent as a way to make cities less polluted. Firebrite is a smokeless fuel, with more heat, less ash, cleaner burning than traditional coal products. Eddies is a family business for over 40 years our goal is to supply top quality fuel to our customers with an normal generator which uses fuel and makes noise. Tel: 01422 310121. 5kva to 50kva capacity of power , prices for each capacity as listed below : -. 745 likes · 15 talking about this · 4 were here. An economy smokeless coal, recommended for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Have also tried excel smokeless which was £23 for 50kg. I have a multi-fuel stove, so tried some smokeless fuel, in the form of hard black lumps, like coal but clearly pressed into shape. More Info. Save £10 £211 Cosilite Smokeless Fuel Cosilite is a smokeless fuel for use on open fires, multifuel stoves, room heaters and stove boilers. Product Description. The coal business has been established for over 50 years and sells domestic coal and smokeless fuels from Ballater and Braemar to Inverurie in the North and Dundee and Glamis in the South, employing 8 fulltime and 1 part time staff plus ourselves. 100. We offer competitive prices on coal, smokeless fuel, logs, kindling and chimney sweeping. 50. appliance usage. Our products are available at competitive prices and we offer free delivery across Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Bradwell, Winterton-on-Sea, Martham, Reedham, Hemsby and surrounding areas. The logs give off the kind of subtle yet pleasing aroma associated with wood smoke, while the smokeless fuel itself increases the intensity of the heat and the length of time the fire burns for. 314. 5 out of 5 stars (23) 23 product ratings - Brazier Smokeless Fuel 20KG Multi-Fuel Stove Open Fire Burner High Heat Coal Buy Smokeless Fuel Online - Cheaper , Cleaner , Drier , Hotter. com Coal Summer Prices, Summer Bulk Discounts, Suppliers of solid fuel such as Anthracite, Phurnacite, Stoveheat, Homefire Ovals, Brazier, Premium House Coal, Taybrite and Logs for all appliances including open fires, Multi fuel stoves, room heaters, boilers and Aga. BNM Smokeless Coal. In stock are all the most popular smokeless fuels Newburn, Taybrite, Phurnacite, Homefire, Homefire ovals, Pureheat, Maxibrite, We also stock are all grades of Anthracites and only use the best deep mined House coal available. Which means you can be sure to have a constant supply of fuel delivered to your door throughout the year, at a great price. 311 to . TOP GRADE 100% COLUMBIAN COAL HIGH HEAT OUTPUT TOP GRADE SMOKELESS FUEL 100% MANUFACTURED OVOIDS Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal burns up to 38% hotter than house coal while producing up to 80% less smoke and 40% less CO2. burnhamcoalsupplies. Smokeless coal might be more expensive, but you use less of it compared to house coal. Blazer Smokeless Fuel The market leading stove fuel. ’ Please note that delivery is kerbside only. Compared to brazier from home bargains, both produce much less ash. We offer a full range of house coal and smokeless fuels at low prices. 411. 99 Homefire smokeless coal is better for the environment too as it emits 5 times less smoke and 25% less Carbon Dioxide than house coal. [email protected] Charlton Whitehouse Fuels only stock the best quality smokeless products so that you, the customer, can get the best result from your open fire or multi-fuel stove. £0. 00 for local customers who live in the following postcodes around Manchester: M, SK, OL, WA14, WA15, WA16 and BL1. It is suitable for both Multi-Fuel stoves and Open Fires. Read More Read Less These products are high in heat output and have low ash content, which ensures that there’s less wastage and minimal upkeep. Our smokeless fuels come in tough 25kg bags in pack quantities from 10 bags to 40 bags per pallet. The long lasting fuel, slumbers well overnight and is designed specifically for multi-fuel stoves, roomheaters, open fires and selected boilers. £ 14. Our Premium Smokeless provides fantastic performance at an unbeatable price. Eddies Smokeless Fuels, Dublin, Ireland. £7. per page. CPL Supertherm smokeless coal is part of the fantastic 'Homefire' range of smokeless coal. Ecobrite will burn steadily for long periods of time with sufficient air supply from your stove. Burnglo Anthracite Smokeless Fuel 25kg. 0 ( 1 Rating ) Write a review Smokeless fuel is a manufactured product designed to reduce emissions over bituminous coals to an acceptable level. Empty star. We provide sacks of coal, anthracite, smokeless fuel and coal bunkers for domestic customers. 00. Whether you are using our solid fuel for house coal, smokeless, or for BBQ style cooking you can stock up affordably. We are in a smokeless area, but I have been playing around with logs etc. ×. 40. £20. From Price £14. It gives good performance, burning longer than house coal with a gradual and consistent release of heat. Ideal for multi-fuel stoves & open fires. As this is a smokeless fuel, this product can be burned in smoke controlled zones. 20% Less Co2 than Traditional Coal. £15. Ideal smokeless fuel as it is suitable for all purposes, open fires and stoves. 50. These types of fuel are becoming increasingly popular in areas which ban the use of coal and other fuels such as unseasoned or wet wood which produce much smoke. View or download a real-time list of Pilot and Flying J's diesel fuel prices, gas prices, intended bio blends and propane prices. Homefire Smokeless Coal - 40 x 25kg bag Full Pallet. Recommended Fuels Smokeless Fuel Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs. Known for their high heat output in open fire or closed appliances, our range of smokeless fuels can be found at a great price with The Coal Shop UK. 5 - 25kg. $21. was established to offer clean, economical, high-quality anthracite stoves, fuel and accessories to the consumer for home use. Free deliveries for customers living locally. 1 tonne pallet of GLOW NON-SMOKELESS fuel A coal briquette ideal for use on open fires, multi-fuel stoves and closed Winter fuel (1) Weight. producing 80% less smoke than traditional coal. £6. Ace energy is the distribution arm of the group delivering solid fuel, bottled gas and air products compressed gasses. Eco Brite (not suitable for open fires) Manufactured small ovoids for closed appliances only. 88. Ideal for open fires/closed appliances. Whilst Homefire will burn on all solid fuel appliances, its larger, hexagonal shape (75 X 40mm) means it works best on open fires and multi-fuel stoves where you want a balance of good performance and attractive Firefly Candle and Lamp Oil - 32 oz - Smokeless & Odorless - Simply Pure - Ultra Clean Burning - Liquid Paraffin Fuel - Highest Purity Available 12 $14. Get 100% the best prices and free delivery. Ideal for: Gritting driveways and paths (Winter Salt) and some Coal Burning Appliances (Winter Fuel) Keep ahead of the winter freeze and benefit from Gravel Master's unbeatable prices on Winter Salt & Fuel products. The 'eco' equivalent of popular CPL's Homefire, the market leading smokeless coal. Lignite Nuggets Small manufactured smokeless fuel in a Nugget shape. Briquette Size: 110g Sulphur content : less than 2% Calorific value : 32,500 kJ/kg. Brazier Smokeless Coal is an excellent fuel for Open Fires and Multi Fuel Stoves. 5 Household Coal + 2 Slack + 1 Logs. if they have a fire to share a pallet and share the delivery price if outside of Cheshire. Smokeless Fuels can Save Up to £880 on Heating Bills Every Year. X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Package. A top quality smokeless fuel,this product produces high heat and burns clean leaving a powder ash. Is this a good price? Which of the fuels is the best for my little stove? Thanks The less fuel you use, the less money you spend on coal. Available as a full pallet (50 x 20kg bags) or half pallet (25 x 20kg bags) load. It is perfect for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Approved Coal Merchant Weston-Super-Mare We are a family run approved Coal Merchant in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Logs provide a long flame and can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to house coal or smokeless fuels. This fuel is long lasting, gives off a strong heat and is of consistent quality. 6 out of 5 stars 1,288 $14. Phurnacite. SHOP HOUSE COAL. uk Domestic and wholesale customers are welcome to call into our large, customer friendly facility at Watnall, Nottingham, where they can choose from a wide selection of pre-packed and bulk coal and smokeless fuels; all at competitive prices. 190 330£190. All our pre-packed solid fuels: are bagged at our site at Watnall Smokeless Fuel. Our range of Smokeless Fuels at Maxibrite are all HETAS & DEFRA approved for use in smoke control areas. 5 out of 5 stars. In the industry for 25 years i have chosen these products on quality and value for money. Surefire provides long lasting controllable heat for roomheaters and multi-fuel stoves. The company headquarters are located in Washington, Pennsylvania and with its network of affiliated dealers , Heet, Inc. Staffords Union Nuggets 40kg €18. At Harvey’s Coal Merchants we offer a range of fuel solutions including smokeless solid fuel and coal in pre-packed or open sacks. 99 - Our Price £44. Additional information. We are a family run business that has been keeping the community warm since 1989. Used, 1 x 10kg CPL Multi-Purpose Smokeless Fuel Co . Please look at the specifications which show the quality of these products. Smokeless Coal; Multi-Fuel Stoves; From £7. VAT. Heet, Inc. At Cabinteely Coal & Solid Fuel Centre, we are experts in smokeless fuel. Smokeless fuels and briquettes - Delivered in 50kg open sacks Homefire ovals 50kg - One of our most popular smokeless fuels for multi-fuel stoves and open fires, slow-burning Homefire Ovals pack together to provide maximum heat and minimum waste. 5kg Butane Gas. Currently costs £22 per 50kg. Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas. 00 25 x 20kg Bags(500kg): £210. Comes with swift 7 approval. com. Excellent product, well presented sells like hot cakes. High quality presentation. Smokeless Coal (ideal for stoves) Pallet (40 bags) €750 + 4 Bags Turf FREE Tonne (25 bags) €485 + 2 Bags Turf FREE 10 Bags €200 + 2 Kindling + Bag of Turf FREE DFC Fuels is a UK Leading Coal Merchant based in County Durham. Brought in to help relieve pollution and smog in the 1950s, smokeless coal remains a popular choice of fuel today. Its clean, regular sized ovoid’s provide long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat. We buy our coal and smokeless fuel in bulk & pass the discounts straight to our customers. Pick some up from our pre-pack drive through or alternatively arrange for a bulk delivery to local areas. Smokeless ovals are a premium product for use on open fires, multi-fuel stoves and roomheaters. All these fuels have to have a sulphur content of less than 2% and are authorized as 'smokeless' by DEFRA / HETAS Energy House, Black Brook Way . Price from £77. 00) 20x Kindling (+£78. 99) 2 Packs (+£7. Burnrite Smokeless 20kg (from) £359. Please contact us for delivery: 01928 572631. If you’re one of those people, we have different varieties of smokeless coal available for you to buy online at great prices. View Full Details >. DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR • MINIMUM DELIVERY 5 BAGS • ALL FUELS 50kg. Characteristic. Supertherm has a high heat output with a low ash Contact McHugh Fuels to get quality coal and other solid fuels delivered to your door in Ederney, Omagh or Enniskillen. This popular smokeless coal is a high performing fuel originally intended for boilers though adapted for stoves and multi room heaters. With slightly higher ash residue than house coal, this fuel is designed to efficient burner producing a great amount of heat. £15. FHS Racing Oils & Fuels. 50. Smokeless Fuels Quick Delivery and low prices. Staffords Redflame Anthracite 40kg €23. All our smokeless fuels are approved by HETAS, the official body recognised by Government to approve solid fuels UK's leading coal and wood fuel supplier with a comprehensive range of smokeless coals & briquettes and quality kiln dried wood, with the option for smaller orders and delivery to a location of your choice on your property. 19. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8. Paraffin Lamp Oil - Clear Smokeless, Odorless, Clean Burning Fuel for Indoor and Outdoor Use with E-Z Fill Cap and Pouring Spout - 32oz - by Ner Mitzvah 4. 30pm Saturday: 9am – 1pm. Homefire Smokeless Coal. From: £ 11. It’s a great performing fuel which burns longer than regular house coal. DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF CHESHIRE WILL BE MADE BY A NATIONWIDE PALLET DELIVERY VEHICLE – THE DRIVER WILL NEED TO PLACE THE PALLET OF FUEL ON A FLAT AREA CLOSE TO THE VEHICLE, e. Smokeless Fuels comes in a more manufactured state and is specially blended to produce almost no smoke once lit. Smokeless is by far our best seller and ABoC also stock a 50% renewable smokeless ( Ecoal50 ) that also benefits from volume discounts. Open Fire Closed Appliance Room Heaters Multifuel Stoves. Colt Top 2 Stainless Steel Chimney Cowl and Bird Guard Was £106. 00. Unavailable. 15 x 20kg Bags(300kg): £150. Full star. Smokeless fuel is a type of solid fuel which either does not emit visible smoke, or emits minimal amounts, during combustion. Smokeless coal for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Prices *Information: All Coal Types are available in 1/4 Pallet, 1/2 Pallet and Full Pallet Variations. Number Of (25kg) Bags 20 40. 75) 2x Kindling (+£9. Your local coal and solid fuel supplier We supply Somerset, Dorset, East Devon & South Wiltshire with quality coal, solid fuels, Calor Gas and garden supplies at the best possible prices. We also supply firewood, kindling and firelighters. 1/2 Pallet = 1/2 Tonne. Full star. In the industry for 25 years i have chosen these products on quality and value for money. Fuels can be collected on site, or we can arrange deliveries at a time that suits you. per item. 00. Smokeless coal can cost more than house coal, but it produces more heat and typically lasts around 40% longer. Long lasting smokeless fuel for room heaters and cookers. The table below helps you select the appropriate solid fuel for your application. £35. Produced from 15% renewable materials in Roslea Co. 00) Add to basket. Excel is a fully approved briquette which is authorised for use in smoke control areas as well as being officially recognised by HETAS, the official body authorised by government to approve stoves and fuels. Taybrite works perfectly as smokeless coal for boilers, room heaters or multi-fuel stoves - its lengthy burn time means that you won’t need to constantly relight it, saving money. If you live in a smoke free area but want to be able to keep your stove lit then you’re going to have to buy smokeless coal. Homefire premium smokeless coal for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Fred Tarry is an approved coal and smokeless fuel supplier, approved kiln dried firewood logs supplier, anthracite, calor propane, butane and patio gas bottles, road haulage, barge and canal boat assisted pump out services and red diesel. Economy smokeless fuel suitable for most multi-fuel stoves and room heaters. Enter delivery postcode to show prices Multi is our most popular smokeless fuel, it is cost effective, high performing, gives off lots of heat and produces little ash. Currently available: Choose Quantity A range of new modern smokeless fuels for the discerning customer. 20 Bags from £201. co. Maxiblend is high in Heat and low in ash long lasting fuel. Low ash,high heat output easy to lite. This is an all round premium ovoid at a lower price than other premium fuels, it can be used on Open Fires, Room Heaters, Stoves and Cookers. We can deliver all of our fuels straight to your coal bunker, shed or cellar in Sheffield. Call our team in Congleton. 4 Top Quality Coal + 1 Slack. Smokeless coal is an innovation that is becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout the country. Empty star. Owned by Eddie and Alan Cummins, we aim to provide a superior quality product and standard of service. 5 Household Doubles + 1 Kindling Stick. 35 / oz) Currently unavailable. 00 - £266. FHS SmokeLess Motor Oil & Automotive Products. Cosilite is a smokeless fuel for use on open fires, multifuel stoves, room heaters and stove boilers. / per. Solid Fuel Selector. Easily our best selling fuel. £ 19. Taybrite is a moderately priced premium coal and has earned a great reputation in the industry for being a long lasting ovoid which produces a large amount of continuous heat throughout its burning cycle. The key to a smokeless system is creating more airflow and burning a hotter fire. You can buy 25kg bags individually, or in tens and twenties, but they will be a little more expensive. 03 kg (1) 4 kg (2) 7. SHOP SMOKELESS FUELS. Best suited for glass fronted fires and multifuel stoves. Our fire pits are engineered to drastically reduce their smoke output - saving your eyes and the environment simultaneously. 00. £2000. This coal is smokeless and is suitable for smokeless zones. 55 per KG . So, it entirely depends on your preference when it comes to fuel types. Enter your postcode below to find your nearest depot and order fuel online. 363 to . £82. We are your local suppliers of coal and smokeless fuel. Order homefire smokeless fuels and get FREE delivery. Ace Energy - Yorkshires No1 Coal & Smokeless Fuel Merchant Free Delivery on all orders over 250kg within 30 miles of Halifax Shropshire-based solid fuel and coal merchants. It’s easy to light and is clean burning. GBP 20. We service all of North Dublin and county and charge nothing for delivery of solid fuel in these areas. Quickfuels offers reliable stove fuel & smokeless coal with next day delivery. this generator is noiseless , smokeless and fueless because it doesn't have an engine, instead it has a motor / alternator that is powered by a battery which recharges i'm self while it's working we have from 7. This smokeless fuel is able to burn overnight, or all day when you are at work. Approved for use in smoke control areas. Its attractive long flame will make your stove or open fire the focal point of any room on a cosy winters evening. Based on research and customer feedback, over the years we have managed to hone and tweak the design and materials to what we consider is pretty much the ultimate briquette. 4. £85. Full star. Homefire Ecoal 50 Finglas Fuels is a Dublin solid fuels merchant and wholesaler. This is a great, low maintenance fuel. Add to cart. co. The nation's favourite smokeless fuel for over 50 years, Homefire is the best performing smokeless coal we make. Some homes also have coal-fired boilers. Still Delivering Orders Typical 5 day delivery; Plenty of Stock We have plenty of stocks of all fuels; Safe Deliveries Our delivery team have specific instructions on how to deliver your order With over 60 years in the industry, you can rely on D. 0. 00 50 x 20kg Bags(tonne): £349. This oval shaped egg is easy to light, providing a sustained and controllable heat and then burns away to a fine residual ash. Coals2u are offering a 500kg bunker with 500kg ecoal, taybrite or homefire fuel for £310. […] delivered prices – next day delivery eco fuel 16+ bags 1/4 tonne 33+ bags 1/2 tonne note * only smokeless fuel will be delivered to urban areas dundalk We wanted to provide the best house coal, smokeless fuel and kiln dried logs at great prices. 30 and Sunday: CLOSED John H Roberts is a family run coal merchants and haulage business at Whinhill Auchenblae by Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire AB30 1TD. 00. 30 – 12. Like most smokeless fuels, this one needs an optimum temperature to get your fire in. Smokeless fuel and coal: Based on average prices from House Fuels, Coals2U and Coal Merchant. Lebanon, PA 17038 Ph: (717) 389-0083 Toll Free: (855) 389-0083 Smokeless Coal We have placed cookies on your computer to help make this website better. Anthracite Stove Nuts. Introduced by M&G Solid Fuels LLP in 2004, Burnwell Blend™ is a landmark product developed to meet the needs of creating a super premium quality briquette at a great price. Smokeless fuel is a much safer alternative to smoke-producing fuel, particularly wet wood. 90 and a pick up service 6 days a week or use our convenient delivery service. 75 per 25kg bag That's £0. 25 PER BAG. Homefire Ovals. € 119. 20 Price. Smokeless fuel provides a more efficient fire with reduced ash residue left over. Our log nets are ideal for use on traditional open fires where they can be used either on their own or with smokeless fuels to give a hotter, drier fire. 30 am – 5 pm; Saturday 8. Smokeless coal-based solid fuels in an open fire or solid fuel stove still give off that cosy glow that makes a room feel homely and welcoming. 00 - £360. It is an ideal smokeless coal for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. £13. Available for collection by arrangement or local delivery (minimum quantity applies) All prices incl. Esbit 1300-Degree Smokeless Solid Fuel Tablets for Hobby, Outdoor, and Emergency Use, 60 Pieces Each 4g 1,074 $19. 97. For a fuel to be considered "smokeless," it has to release less than 5g of smoke into the atmosphere per hour of burning. Premium Colombian House Coal (Trebles) £45. Regular price. 1 Pallet = 1 Tonne Brazier Smokeless Coal is a clean burning, compact smokeless fuel specially designed for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves. Contact us today for more information on our smokeless fuel and coal delivery service and prices. Staffords Xtraheat Smokeless Stove Coal 40kg €20. 50p Free local Delivery Price List. £45. Phurnacite Smokeless Briquettes 25kg. £66. Quality group 1 natural smokeless fuel from Wales for closed appliances. Our fire pits are engineered to drastically reduce their smoke output - saving your eyes and the environment simultaneously. Our best selling premium approved smokeless Excel product. Phurnacite is the premium fuel for multifuel stoves and cookers giving a constant heat. Brazier Smokeless Coal - 10kg Bag. Brazier Multipurpose Smokeless Fuel. 2. T White Coal Merchant. Cart (0) 0 item (s) in your cart. Homefire Smokeless Coal. Collection: SOLID FUEL Filter by Regular price €349,00 1 Tonne of Lignite Nuggets (Smokeless) (40 x 25kg bags) Was £49. supplying a range of solid fuels, including Coal, Coke, Anthracite and other smokeless fuels. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy with this. Note: Smokeless Fuels delivery within counties Sligo and Leitrim only. Smokeless coal is efficient, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly than traditional house coal, due to lower carbon emissions. 20. 31 per kilogram Whether you are using an open fire or coal burning cooker, room heater, or a multi-fuel stove. Give it a decent start with a well-prepared wood kindling + firelighter below (I put the first coals in an old egg-box to create the air space and they will burn for longer). Suitable for log burners, multi-fuel stoves. 30. 430 Reloading powder (smokeless powder) is available in a wide variety of types, each Our smokeless coal bags offer fantastic value for money, with over 30% off the retail price. More bottled gas ›. Irelands no 1 smokeless fuel now packed in handy 20kg + 10kg bags. Smokeless Fuels *Information: All Coal Types are available in 1/4 Pallet, 1/2 Pallet and Full Pallet Variations. Premium House Coal (Doubles) £35. We offer a personal , friendly service that provides quality fuels, delivered promptly and at genuinely competitive prices. GOLDEN GLOW TOP QUALITY SMOKELESS 40KG. CPL Smokeless Coal No. Taylors Solid Fuels are an independant family business. 3 for £16. Whether you need to know the best fuel for an open fire or stove, we’re always on hand to help. 00 each More info £520. 99. Dealing in smokeless coal, anthracite, large cobbles, trebles and coke. Order your coal online today. We can supply smokeless coal, coal briquettes and more. smokeless fuel prices